ENERPHOT 10 kW 200 Ah Rack Mount LiFePO4 Solar Battery


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    LiFeP04 Lithium Iron Phosphate
    High Capacity Solar Storage Battery

    Terms and Conditions
    30 Day Defective Return
    10/25 Year Warranty


    The ENERPHOT 10,200 kW, 200 Ah Rack Mount LiFePO4 Solar Battery is high density solar storage in a rack mounted platform. This is a residential and commercial grade Lithium Iron Phosphate UPS backup battery for solar array applications, features excellent safety, energy density, expandability, lifetime, temperature performance, and reliability.

    Available with optional ENERPHOT Rack Mount Enclosure (EPRME), supporting up to 6 x 3U rack mount batteries in a single caged enclosure.


    Parallel Function
    Connect up to an outstanding 15 batteries in parallel

    High Cycle Life
    6000 cycles @ 25°C, 80% DOD for a lower total cost of ownership 

    Fast Recharge
    Save time and increase productivity with less down time thanks to superior charge/discharge efficiency

    Extreme Heat Tolerance
    Suitable for use in a wider range of applications where unusually high ambient temperature reaches 60°C

    Circuit Protection
    The integrated Battery Management System (BMS) incorporates circuit protection

    Light Weight
    Lithium batteries provide more Wh/Kg while also being up to 1/3 the weight of the SLA equivalent.

    Long Energy Storage
    The extremely low self discharge (LSD) and risk suphation mitigation enables back energy storage for up to 6 months

    Long Service Life
    Low maintenance battery with stable chemistry


    Electrical Parameters
    LiFePO4 Battery
    Nominal Voltage
    51.2 V DC
    Nominal Capacity200 Ah
    Nominal Energy
    10,240 Wh
    Life Cycles
    6000 cycles @ 25°C, 80% DOD
    Recommended Charge Voltage58.4 V DC
    Recommended Charge Current40 A
    End of Discharge Voltage44 V DC
    Standard Method (Charge)40 A
    Standard Method (Discharge)100 A
    Maximum Continuous Current
    100 A
    Maximum Continuous Current
    100 A
    BMS Cut-Off Voltage (Charge)58.4 V DC (3.65 V / Cell)
    BMS Cut-Off Voltage (Discharge)
    32.0 V DC (2.00 V / Cell)
    Default Voltage≥ 51.2 V DC
     Physical Parameters
    Maximum in Parallel
    15 Units
    CAN 2.0 / RS232 / RS485
    Chassis Material
    Charge Retention (High)
    ≥ 90% @ 55° C after 28 days
    Charge Retention (Low)
    ≥ 90% @ 20° C after 7 days
    Recovery Rate (High)
    ≥ 90%
    Recovery Rate (Low)
    ≥ 90%
    Dimensions (Unit, L x W x H)
    22.8 x 19.3 x 9.86 in 
    580 x 490 x 250 mm
    Dimensions (Package, L x W x H)
    ~ in 
    ~ mm
    Weight (Unit)~ lb
    ~ kg
    Weight (Package)~ lb
    ~ kg
    Operating Temperature
    -4 to 113 0°F 
    0 to 45° C

    Storage Temperature
    23 to 95°F
    0 to 35° C

    Reliability Parameters
    Material Warranty
    2 Years Parts
    Approval Markings
    Items per Pallet~ pcs
    Pallet Weight (Net)
    ~ kg
    Pallet Weight (Gross)
    ~ kg
    Pallet Volume
    ~ m3
    Items per 20' GP Container
    140 pcs
    Items per 40' GP Container280 pcs
    Items per 40' HQ Container320 pcs