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Hydrogen Energy

Hydrogen Power

Fossil Energy

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Biomass Energy

Biomass Power

Energy Supply

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Elemental Gas

H2, O2, & N2 Gas

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Oil & Natural Gas Fuel   

Bio Fuel

Ethanol & Biodeisel Fuel

Crypto Mine

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Energy Crypto

Digitized energy commodities

Energy Coin & Token

EnerTender energy coin and token share an innovative cohesive relationship, enabling valuation of 2+ asset types with coin & token.

Energy Crypto Currency

EnerTender energy crypto currency digitizes energy commodities based on a common value of energy fuel, energy carrier, and energy currency.

Energy Digitization 

EnerTender energy digitization transfers value and title of physical energy commodities into digital EnerTender crypto coins and tokens.

Voltemic Crypto

Digitized company assets 

Voltemic Coin & Token

Voltemite company coin and token share a cohesive relationship, enabling valuation of 2+ company asset types with coin & token.

Voltemic Crypto Currency

Voltemite company crypto currency digitizes company assets based on a common value for each asset type.

Voltemic Digitization

Voltemite company asset digitization transfers value and title of company assets into digital Voltemite coins and tokens.

EnerPow Power Plant
EnerTank Energy Supply
EnerCrypt Crypto Mine

Power your enterprise with EnerPow power plants
EnerPow power plantsolutions include custom turnkey power plant energy systems, along with an a la carte offering of individual energy equipment products and services.

Fuel your enterprise with EnerTank energy supplies
EnerTank energy supply commodities include renewable & nonrenewable energy resources, along with a selection of pure gas available via multiple delivery methods.

Mine your crypto with EnerCrypt crypto mines
EnerCrypt crypto mine operations are an investment opportunity for turnkey crypto mines designed for efficient 24/7 crypto mining at profitability unrivaled anywhere else.

EnerTender Energy Crypto
Voltemite Company Crypto

Digitized energy commodities by EnerTender energy crypto
EnerTender energy crypto currency introduce the concept of coin to token cohesion for enabling a group of energy commodities to be digitized using only two currencies.

Digitized company assets by Voltemite company crypto
Voltemite company crypto currency utilize innovative coin to token cohesion for enabling a group of company assets to be digitized using only two currencies.

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The EnerPow power plant family contains a flexible range of engines, turbines, solid state power arrays, power amplifiers, fuel producers, fuel tanks, control systems, control rooms, fittings, and parts to meet the needs and scale of versatile energy applications.

Power your enterprise with EnerPow power plant solutions


The EnerTank energy supply family contains a selection of H2, O2, & N2 elemental gases; oil & natural gas fossil fuels; along with ethanol & biodeisel biofuels, to meet legacy application needs while transitioning toward a modern green energy focus.

Fuel your enterprise with EnerTank energy supply commodities

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The EnerCrypt crypto mine package contains our exotic power system, a sizeable miner bank of choice, and control system, resulting in a complete self-contained, custom powered, highly efficient, and modularly scalable crypto mining operation.

Mine your crypto with EnerCrypt crypto mining operations

Power your enterprise with EnerPow & EnerTank today

Join us and rise to power

EnerTender  & Voltemite

EnerTender ICO

$ 0 .10  

/ coin + energy market value
  • EnerTender Coin
  • EnerTender Token
  • Energy Crypto Currency
  • Energy Digitization
  • Energy Coin to Token Cohesion

Votlemite ICO

$ 100 .00 

/ coin
  • Voltemite Coin
  • Voltemite Token
  • Company Crypto Currency
  • Company Asset Digitization
  • Company Coin to Token Cohesion
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