Kawasaki 3.2 MW Gas Turbine Generator Set

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    BrandKawasaki (Japanese)
    Capacity3.2 MW

    TypeSimple Cycle
    Fuel Type
    Natural Gas / Liquid

    Kawasaki GPS Series
    The Kawasaki GPS4000 gas turbine generator set is a 4,000 kVA prime power source or backup power source. The system can be installed on rooftops or indoors, with notoriously easy system operation and maintenance, having earned high customer acclaim.

    ***16 units available from original install***


    The Kawasaki GPS4000 gas turbine generator set equipment is comprised of a gas turbine and alternator on a common bed, together with other components including air supply and ventilation equipment, exhaust silencer, gas turbine starter, serviceable fuel tank, and automatic starting panel.

    1. Generator Set

    This generator set includes a gas turbine, alternator, and related incidental equipment mounted as a set on a common bed, and covered with a soundproof package.

    2. Control Panel

    Combined gas turbine control panel and starter control panel in a single unit

    3. Turbine Starter

    Equipped with an electric type starter, comprised of a storage battery and charger. 

    4. Exhaust Silencer

    Equipped with an exhaust silencer to manage exhaust noise.

    5. Fuel Tank

    Equipped with a daily serviceable fuel tank

    6. Air Supply System (for indoor installation)

    Equipment to supply the necessary air for operation, comprised of an air supply fan, air supply silencer, and other components.

    7. Ventilation System (for indoor installation)

    Equipment primarily to discharge heat dissipation air from inside the generator set to the outside, comprised of a ventilation fan, ventilation silencer, and other components.


    High performance modern power generation
    1. High performance and low cost gas turbine

    World class Kawasaki performance is at the heart of these gas turbine generators. Practical for an alternator drive source, this turbine generator is fabricated with a single axis system. These are low cost, high performance, Japanese made turbine generators, backed by a comprehensive parts and supply service system.

    2. Single-shaft type for frequency characteristics stability

    The M1T-23 turbine employs a single-shaft system, designed for an alternator drive source. There are few speed fluctuations, and it is possible to obtain a good frequency fluctuation rate during steady operation and when connecting or disconnecting the full load. This is impossible with diesel engine or double-shaft gas turbines.

    3. Self air cooling

    The self cooling nature of the system eliminates the need for water cooling. Consequently, water cooling system maintenance is uneeded, eliminating the possibility for freezing water outages to occur due to maintenance accidents. This reason is another benefit over diesel engines, which require water cooling. 

    4. Clean environment protected exhaust

    This natural gas burning Kawasaki M1T-23 turbine results in less emission of most types of air pollutants and carbon dioxide (CO2) than diesel engines, while producing an equal or greater amount of energy.

    5. High frequency noise management

    The system is designed to limit noise production to the high frequency range, for easy noise management with attached auxilliary equipment. The included silencer equipment further reduces exhaust noise, resulting in non intrusive operating acoustics. In contrast, diesel engines produce low frequency noise, which travels vibrations further and more noticably, while requiring more advanced noise management equipment. Noise management of the Kawasaki M1T-23 turbine is refined and optimized to meet even the most stringent site boundary noise restrictions.

    6. Extreme shock & vibration resistance

    Due to the high frequency turbine design, no special foundation work or vibration isolation is needed during installation. As a result, there is no requirement for robust spring or rubber shock mounting systems as vibration countermeasures, in contrast with diesel engines, which require major mounting systems. Consequently, outstanding earthquake resistance is attributed to the system. The low resonance frequency design causes little vibration, proving to be highly effective during natural disasters as well.  The Kawasaki GPS4000 has operated without disruption during a major earthquake, supplying infrastructure with stable uninterrupted power during outage.

    7. Momentary overload capacity

    The main shaft rotation speed can be reduced to momentarily absorb significant inertia when starting an induction motor or similar equipment. When compared with similar class diesel generators, the M1T-23 gas turbine system has a much higher momentary overload capacity, providing an inherent benefit for standby equipment applications.

    8. Reliable startup performance

    The system starts up quickly without fail, and can be quickly connected to the load without warm-up operation. The startup equipment utilizes a continuous combustion system with a dual injection nozzle equipped with a single-can combustor. In contrast with diesel engines, there are almost no ignition failures during startup with this type of system. Further, with no water cooling equipment (as diesel engines require), the self-cooling design of this sytem has a shorter pre-start check. System startup is quick and without fail, initializing load without the need to warm up, as engines have.

    9. Compact with easy transport & installation

    The M1T-23 gas turbine is unexpectedly small and lightweight, at nearly 1/4 the weight, and roughly 1/7 the volume of similar class diesel engines. This compact turbine generator package can easily be transported and installed at cramped locations including rooftops and basements. Additionally, without the need for water cooling  equipment, less installation area is required, allowing for a more effective use of space. 

    3,457 kW

    Fuel Type
    Gas / Liquid

    Fuel Consumption (Gas)
    1,270 NM/h
    Density: LHV 40,605 kJ/kg

    Fuel Consumption (Liquid)
    1,465 L/h
    Density: LHV 43,116 kJ/kg

    Gas Feed Pressure
    1.55-1.75 mPa

    Self air cooled

    Noise Level (From Package)
    Default: 85dBA @ 1m
    Optional: 70-80dBA @ 1m

    Noise Level (From Silencer)
    Single: 90dBA @ 1m
    Dual: 65-85dBA @ 1m

    Kawasaki (Japanese)



    Production Year



    Simple open cycle
    Industrial single-shaft

    Rotor Speed

    22,000 RPM

    Output Speed

    1,800 (60 Hz)

    Lube Oil Capacity

    240 L

    Lube Oil Consumption

    .16 L/h

    Dry Weight

    6.4 t
    2-stage centrifugal
    Single can combustor

    Ignition System

    Dual ignition


    Conventional diffusion
    Start Method
    Electric motor

    Battery Type
    Valve Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA)
    Meiden (Japanese)

    Production Year



    3-phase / 4 pole
    Open screen-protected

    Excitation System


    4,000 kVA

    Voltage Regulation



    6.6 kV

    60 Hz

    350 A

    Power Factor

    6,580 kG