300 kW Hydrogen Power Generator Set

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    Wet Sleeve V12
    Fuel Type
    H2 / NH3 / CNG
    Factory New
    300 kW


    The 300 kW Hydrogen Power Generator Set is a cutting edge, experimental solution for renewable green alternative energy. At the core, is a re-engineered, highly custom, turbocharged Cummins V12 engine with advanced hydrogen technology, that has been meticulously engineered to perform with optimal efficiency over time.

    Distribute 300 kW of backup power at variable load, off of clean, green, zero carbon hydrogen fuel. Hydrogen Power Generator Sets are the proven choice with outstanding performance in gas fracking, gas land fill, CHP, and other alternative energy applications.


    • Significant savings in energy costs

    • Low operating and maintenance (O&M) costs

    • Low mean time between failures (MTBF)

    • Strong longevity with lengthy time between overhaul (TBO)

    • High efficiency, advanced lean burn technology

    • Easy operation with simplified controls

    • Explosion proof design

    • Major brand main parts, made in USA & Italy

    • Industry leading customer service 

    • Premium Support included


    • 1 year / 1500 running hour limited warranty 

    • Limited warranty parts replacement

    • Warranty duration determined by first limit met

    • Warranty commences from ship date 

    • Warranty exclusions include external or natural reasons such as: natural disasters, transport loss, loading or unloading loss, user error, etc.

    • Post warranty spare/replacement parts discount

    • Industry leading warranty service


    Cutting edge engineering. Our hydrogen gas engines are based on a suite of highly involved, cutting edge technologies, containing the most advanced lean burn technology involving: the ignition controller, rotary valves, gas mixing systems, pressure control system, and explosion protection safety systems. Our hydrogen engines are constantly evolving to meet or exceed the pace of international environmental protection industry development standards, hydrogen gas production development, and independent research.

    Efficiently rated. This 300 kW engine is rated at 450 kW yet, efficiently configured to distribute 300 kW of clean, green alternative energy, at only 67% engine capacity. This extra capacity provides for extremely efficient operation with added headroom for capacity expansion. The result is a scalable hydrogen engine that runs smoother and longer, with less wear and tear, as well as lower maintenance costs.

    Versatile fueling options. A variety of green low carbon fuel types are supported to suit standard and specialized applications. Our engines are equipped with state of the art Multi Gas Fuel Injection and Multi Gas Mixing Panels to fuel by H2, NH3, CNG, or custom fuel mixes. Prior to shipping, each unit is factory tuned and tested to your preferred gas type, per strict procedures. For renewable hydrogen fueling options, produce your own hydrogen fuel on-site with our optional EnerPow H2 Producer.

    Engine enclosure options. We offer multiple enclosure configurations to suit various types of alternative energy installations. Silent, containerized, mobile, intelligent, and high voltage variants are available per your needs.

    Performance rated. PRP rated backup power without overload, during utility outage; ESP rated prime power unlimited annual hours at variable load with a 1 hour 10% overload within a 12-hour operating period.

    Rise to power. Our Hydrogen Gensets and Power Plants exhibit high efficiency, versatile fuel options, intelligent operation, easy to start, easy to maintain, anti-knock, and further innovations to power alternative energy projects. 


    • High Performance Engine

    • Brushless Alternator with AVR

    • Digital Control Cabinet

    • Advanced Ignition System

    • Fuel Intake System

    • CHP System

    • Auto Parallel System

    • Silent Canopy Soundproof Enclosure

    • Advanced Fuel Injectors

    • Electromagnetic Gas Injection Valve

    • Solenoid Valve

    • Hand Valve

    • Zero Pressure Valves

    • Stable Electronic Speed Governor

    • Radiator Fan, Muffler, & Air Filter

    • 2 x 12 V Starter Batteries

    • Flame Arrestor

    • Anti-Explosion Safety System

    • Molded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB)

    • Air Circuit Breaker

    • Installation Kit

    • Accessories Kit

    • Tool Kit

    • User Manual

    Optional Equipment

    EnerPow H2 Producer

    Add the EnerPow H2 Producer to an EnerPow H2 Hydrogen Generator Set
    to produce continuous on-demand hydrogen fuel while under full load.


    Rated Power
    300 kW / 400 kVA
    Standby Power
    350 kW / 450 kVA
    Rated Voltage
    600 V (default)
    380/220 V (general option)
    400/230 V (general option) 
    415/240 V (general option)
    440/254 V (general option)
    Voltage is factory configured with additional voltage options available
    Rated Frequency
    50/60 Hz
    Frequency is factory configured
    Rated Current
    720 A
    Rated Speed
    1500 RPM
    Power Factor
    Auto PLC Controller
    Speed Governor
    Electric Control
    Fuel Intake System
    Multiple lean gas fuel inputs
    Single gas input fueling option
    Dual gas input mix fueling option
    Fuel Type
    H2 / NH3 / CNG / Gas Mix
    Gas Requirements
    >90% CH4 Content
    H2 of <8% H2S, <200 ppm
    Dust <5 µm, Tar <2%
    Gas Consumption
    0.3 m³/kW-h
    Lubricating Oil Type
    15 W / 40 CD / F (recommended)
    Operating Temperature
    <40 °C @ <1000 m
    70-75 dB with soundproof canopy
    L: 4300 mm
    W: 1800 mm
    H: 2300 mm
    * Subject to change
    Gross: 6500 kg
    ESP/PRP: GB/T2820-97
    (ISO8528 equivelant)


    Make & Model
    Custom Cummins HCKTA38-PG
    Rated Power
    450 kW
    Rated Frequency
    50/60 Hz
    Engine Type
    Turbocharged V12
    Four Stroke, Wet Sleeve
    Aspiration Type
    Direct Fuel Injected
    Compression Ratio
    13:1, Poppit Valve
    39 L
    159x159 mm
    Crankshaft Rotation Direction
    Inverse Hour (From Flywheel)
    Cooling Method
    Closed Water Cooled
    Starter Method
    Speed Governor
    Gas Mixer Formation
    Lubricating Oil Capacity
    38 L
    Lubricating Oil Consumption
    0.1 g/kW-h
    Lubricating Oil Pressure
    345-483 Kpa
    Lubricating Oil Temperature
    Coolant Capacity
    30 L
    Coolant Feeding
    Thermostat Opening Temperature
    83-95 °C
    Max Exhaust Temp
    497 °C ± 25 °C
    Overhaul Longevity
    20,000 hours between overhauls


    Make & Model
    Faraday FD5L ≤
    Rated Power
    300 kW / 400  kVA
    Standby Power
    300 kW / 400 kVA
    Rated Frequency
    50/60 Hz
    Power Factor
    Excitation Type
    Voltage Regulation Mode
    AVR (Automatic)
    Insulation Class
    Class H
    Durability Rating


    2 x 12 V Starter Batteries
    Non-Maintenance Type
    Voltage Setting Range
    ± ≥5%
    Steady-State Voltage Regulation
    ± ≤1%
    Transient Voltage Deviation
    (100% Sudden power reduction)

    + ≤25%
    Transient Voltage Deviation
    (Sudden power plus)

    - ≤20%
    Voltage Stabalization Time
    (100% Sudden power reduction)

    ≤6 s
    Voltage Stabalization Time
    (Sudden power plus)

    ≤6 s
    Steady-State Frequency Regulation
    Frequency Fluctuation Rate
    Transient Frequency Deviation
    (100% Sudden power reduction)

    + ≤12%
    Transient Frequency Deviation
    (Sudden Power plus)
    - ≤10%
    Frequency Recovery Time
    (100% Sudden power reduction)
    ≤5 s
    Frequency Recovery Time
    (Sudden power plus)
    ≤5 s