300 kW Hydrogen Gas Generator

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    BrandCummins Engines
    Capacity300 kW +1
    TypeV12 Wet Sleeve
    Fuel TypeNatural Gas / Multi Gas Injection

    300 kW operational & backup H2 power. The custom Cummins HCKTA38-PG 2x engine set is a hydrogen gas fueled primary +1 backup solution rated at 450 Kw and configured to run 24/7 at 300 kW capacity. A variety of green low carbon fuel types are supported to suit standard and specialized applications. Engine enclosure options include: soundproofed, mobile, containerized, intelligent, and high voltage options.

    Cutting edge engineering. Our engine customizations are constantly evolving to meet and exceed the pace of international environmental protection industry development, independent research, along with developed production of hydrogen gas. Engine customizations are based on our in house cutting edge technologies, containing the most advanced lean burn technology, involving the ignition controller, rotary valves, gas mixing systems, pressure control system, along with the safety and explosion protection system.

    Rise to power. Our Cummins HCKTA38-PG engine set exhibits high efficiency, easy to start, easy to maintain, anti-knock, completely intelligent operation, and further advanced characteristics which make our hydrogen engine sets the proven choice with outstanding performance in the gas fracking, gas land fill and CHP applications.